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Word Life Yoga - Pandemic Update 7/30/20

A message from Alex:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone trying their best in the world's current climate. My gratitude is always intended directly toward the goodness of the masses overall. I have no answers - just ways and means of helping others maintain.

Uncertain times call for pivotal decisions. In the wake of the pandemic - Word Life Yoga will not be making a presence at our physical location in Germantown, PA 19144. I have decided to end my lease at our spot on Wayne Avenue - thanks be to my reasonable and awesome landlord. I (Alex) will continue yoga, kettlebell, meditation, & mobility classes at remote locations. I also offer small group or private sessions at home or at your office.

Stay tuned for business updates as we progress into the future. Class schedule will be posted on our website home page every week!

Thank you ๐Ÿ™

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Yoga Sequences

Practice a new sequence and flow each time you practice at Word Life with any of our instructors

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Kettlebell Sequences and Workouts

Incorporate an outside load or weight into moving the body dynamically across all anatomical planes.

This is where you can learn to dance with the kettlebell.

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Mobility Exercises

Different from stretching! Mobility helps us acknowledge our range in various positions and shapes.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Mental retention to the breath and body. Allowing thoughts to come and go. Acknowledge and observe fluctuations of the breath and mind.

At The Studio, In The Office, On The Field, Or At Your Home


You tell us. We pride ourselves on being able to adapt to your schedule / location.


We can practice when it is convenient for you. Let's coordinate, send Alex an email

Who can do yoga?

Everyone and anyone. Sequences are created to be accessible to all-levels students.


Please reach out to us at any time with questions you might have. We are available!

Why do we practice?

You choose your reasoning for your practice. I practice to maintain both my mental and physical self - it is all connected.

First time?

Confidence in anything starts with the first step. Keep it simple. Our classes are accessible to all levels of practitioners.

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