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Vinyasa Flow
  • All-Levels
  • Advanced

A guided flow of breath and movement. Linking the breath with dynamic movement of the body creates a meditative state through various asanas (poses). Expect to stretch, strengthen, and work the core muscles a lot in these classes.

Slow Flow Yoga
  • Beginner
  • All-Levels

Similar to Vinyasa flow, our slow flow classes are gently paced. Still connecting breathing and movement patterns - we refine our asanas (poses).

Yin or Restorative Yoga

Holding poses from 3-4 minutes; passive stretching. Aligning the physical & mental by practicing stillness. Trigger your parasympathetic nervous system into relaxation.

Yoga and Kettlebells!
  • Kettlebell Flow

A combination of kettlebell exercises followed by a yoga flow. Or flow through yoga poses with your kettlebell!

Customized Sequences

We customize yoga sequences to what you and your group need. Email or call us for a free consultation.